Nora and Ernie White and Family - Roll of Honour Member

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Dave Lloyd

Dave writes . . .

Throughout the 1960s and 70, Nora & Ernie White were prominent and central figures in the road racing scene in Ontario. They were founding members of the Canadian Road Racing Club, a volunteer organization that fostered and promoted the development and growth of road racing primarily in Ontario but also across Canada.

Both served for many years in various capacities in the administration of necessary club duties. In fact the entire White family including daughter Hazel and son David, were enthusiastic supporters and directly heavily involved in Club activities for many years.

The transplanted English (Cockney) family were a fun loving group and a favourite social centre in the pits at the races. Their individual and combined efforts were substantial and undoubtedly have contributed greatly to the current status of road racing in Canada today.

Ernie White was a machinist by trade and a passionate motorcyclist. Initially he helped his son David get started in road racing with a BSA Gold Star. However, David decided this was not something that he chose to pursue; so Ernie started on a venture that would see him sponsor many riders in the years ahead.

First among these was Dave Lloyd. Ernie helped Dave through his early racing days in Canada initially on BSA Gold Stars and on the Manx Nortons and Yamahas. Ernie was involved in Dave's first race at the Isle of Man on the Norton. Canadian Champion Jim Allen, Brian Henderson, Ken King, Tom Faulds and Garth Perry were among the other riders that Ernie and Family sponsored and supported. The friendships and contributions of Nora and Ernie White are fondly remembered and greatly appreciated.