Special Awards

Bar and Hedy Hodgson Award

This award was created to honour the vision and foresight of Bar & Hedy Hodgson in creating the Foundation.

Read more about the Bar and Hedy Hodgson Award and see a list of award winners.

Roll of Honour

Is there someone who has played a significant and important role in your motorcycling experience? Someone in particular you’d really like to thank, honour, or remember? It could be a family member, a friend, sponsor, club or club member, just about anyone.

Read More about the Roll of Honour and see the list of members.

Ambassador Award

The Ambassador Award represents a selection of individuals, who own or run a company, that have gone above and beyond in their contribution to motorcycling and/or the betterment of the sport. Selection is by the Board of Directors. As a business they are ineligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame but the board felt they too, need to be recognized.